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Catastrophes in Subtropical Eden
Zura Jishkariani

This Diary belongs to a 9-year-old refugee child. Bythis time I had seen more corpses and bullets than toys. At this age, I had already witnessed two wars: the war in Abkhazia and the civil war in Georgia. Though most of the stories are about the cosmos and the star journey, it’s clear that war became universal for a child’s mind and it covered the whole world: here stars attack the sun, the planets have war with each other and kill people, humans kill other humans and etc. WE – the Children of War – are a unique breed of human. Consequences of the Catastrophe in Subtropical Eden. The mix of subtropical dreams, melancholy, rage, love and separation. We really look like each other in the depths of our souls.

Size: 20X21 сm. pp.128
Language: Georgian
Design: Timur Akhmetov